Gavin and Rachel

When Rachel and Gavin first decided to start YOLT office in Colorado, they had no idea what the details would look like, all they knew was that the organ donation community in Colorado needed support too. Their hearts desire to help and support those not just in Maryland but eventually across the whole country. 

Once they decided to open the office in Colorado, they knew it would take lots of time, effort, and dedication to get the office up and running. 

“Honestly it hasn’t been easy, but like anything it takes time” – Rachel Karwacki. 

Gavin, as a strength and performance coach, is familiar with having to start from scratch. He has built from the ground up to establish a reputation for himself and his own client list. They both know that it’s not only until working hard and pushing through the time times will you see a fruitful harvest. They will continue tto grow both businesses and spread awareness about organ donation t the same time.

They are hoping to work alongside UC Health and eventually build a transplant house. This house would serve as lodging for transplant patients in order to lower housing costs and limit patients having to drive to and from the hospitals on a consistent basis. The transplant house has been a goal and dream of YOLT’s since we first started. They are hopeful for the future and all that it may bring and they know that they can make a big impact on the organ donation community with support and hard work.