Optimizing the Lives of Those Affected

by Organ Transplantation

About YOLT

YOLT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to optimizing the lives of those affected by organ transplantation. Through a wide range of programs, creating funds, and sharing Gavin’s story of hope and resilience, we support vulnerable patients and patient families as well as enable patients to live to their fullest potential here in their second life.


Educate and spread awareness on organ donation, while sharing Gavin’s story of faith and resilience to inspire hope in individuals eyes. 


 Support transplant patients by setting a foundation, including programs, that will maximize their overall health and wellness pre and post- transplant to reach one’s potential in life.


 Provide lodging funds around the nation through hospitals to support patients and families that can’t afford lodging and meals during the transplant process. 


Heal transplant patients quicker through our Artificial Intelligence program to maximize recovery and eliminate hospital visits, which will decrease infections.

Supporting the Organ Transplant Community

Lodging Fund

Patients and families are separated from one another during the transplant process, not receiving the love and support one needs. Most of the time  individuals are traveling great distances, every day, two times a day, back and forth to care for their loved ones. YOLT provides funds to low-income patients and families to sustain them pre- and post- transplant.

Wellness Programs

During the transplant process, patients struggle to keep one’s health and wellness a priority. YOLT offers a wide variety of programs starting with accountability to an intense rehabilitation plan, focusing on physical, mental and spiritual health all to optimize one’s life to reaching their full potential. 

AI Program

The AI devices will closely monitor recent transplanted liver patients aiming to decrease clinical visits, infections, and readmissions. It will maximize a transplant patient’s recovery and monitor transplant patients that are considered “high risk”  post-transplant. The AI program aspires to advance transplant medicine and post-transplant outpatient care.


Educational material and spreading awareness on organ donation is key to saving lives. YOLT Foundation and Gavin himself, travel around the nation to share his remarkable story of why he is here today and how becoming an organ donor can save lives. It starts with saving one life at a time, and it starts with YOU. 

AI Program Official!

YOLT has had the opportunity to partner with the University of Maryland Medical Center for several years. Recently, we


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